LE FROMAGER de PEKIN (LFP-The Cheese Maker of Beijing), a French artisan cheese maker,  is located in the Hui Long Guan District of Beijing.
LFP’s founder, Mr. Liu Yang, was trained in cheese making in France. In order to make artisan cheese with the highest quality, LFP imported its equipment and cultures from France and follows the standard operational procedures in traditional French cheese making. The mission of LFP is “a taste of France away from France”. In additional, Mr. Liu would like to expose the Chinese palates to the authentic taste of French artisan cheese
For the time being, LFP offers a variety of soft cheese (similar to camembert), ricotta, mozzarella, whey cheese, etc. Future products to be launched include blue cheese. LFP’s products got good reviews at various tasting parties and are loved by its customers.
Please keep on visiting our website as our new products make debut!